About Us

DSC_0333Kingdom Leadership Institute – KLI was founded to raise up believers around the globe that would hear God´s Invitation to participate with him in the Transformation of Nations.

KLI was established to help YOU to discover that purpose…we are not only saved FROM something, TO something, but FOR something…Your life has a unique design, a Destiny-code that was placed into you since your mother’s womb, with a specific mission, territory and people that you are assigned to.

The Institute has been established to:

        ♦ Train, Equip, Mentor and Raise Up a generation who is willing to accept God’s invitation to participate with Him in the reformation of nations.

As a KLI student, you will discover your purpose in light of your identity as a child of God, and in the unique expression of the personality and temperament with which God has created you.  

You will be able to identify your complementing gifts, talents and abilities and be prepared to demonstrate The Divine Nature of the Kingdom of God in the sphere where God has called you.

In every society there are 7 headship spheres that influence culture, either for good, or resulting in moral decay, they are:

Arts & Entertainment 

At KLI, students are equipped to take responsibility for their area of calling and challenged to positively impact their sphere with the principles, resources and nature of the Kingdom of God.

Being a KLI student will TRANSFORM your life, so that you can accomplish God’s will and purpose in YOUR generation!

May His Kingdom come and His will be done