Curriculum – SKF

The School of Kingdom Foundations – SKF offers Practical Equipping for Kingdom Impact in the seven spheres that influence culture.  It has a program design for one year and half, divided in

                        ♦  7 Modules, each module consists of different courses

                        ♦  15 Courses, each course consists of several classes

                    83 Classes, some of them are pre-scheduled weekdays on Wesdnesday  and other on weekends, with a break in the months of July-August and December.

Curriculum SKF


Module I: Becoming a Kingdom Citizen

In this module you will come to a basic understanding of Theology and how to correctly interpret and understand The Bible, The Constitution of The Kingdom of God. 

  • Understanding the Kingdom
  • The Constitution of the Kingdom


Module II: Operating in the Power of the Kingdom

In this module you will learn about the spiritual inheritance you have in Christ Jesus and the access we have through Him to the supernatural world.  Here you will not only get to know…but also be activated to Hear God’s Voice, How to Minister in the Spiritual Gifts, and how to live a life of Freedom from sin, rebellion and iniquity.

  • Restoring The Foundations
  • To Hear God’s Voice
  • Moving in The Power of the Holy Spirit


Module III: Kingdom Theology

In this module, students will go deeper into the Kingdom of God, what is the Kingdom, really?  How does it operate?   We will understand the church and our cultural mandate to “Disciple Nations”. 

In addition, we will learn about the seven mountains of society, what are they, how do we reform our culture, based on the principles, power and work of Jesus Christ.  Where is your place, what mountain are YOU called to?  Will you make a difference in this generation?  All these questions and more will be answered during this in-depth seeking of the Kingdom!

  • Theology of Social Transformation
  • The 7 Mountain Mandate


Module IV: Operating in Kingdom Authority

Does the way you have been designed have anything to do with your destiny?  Why do you love, desire, dream the way you do?  God does nothing without purpose!  He is the master Craftsman the Great Creator…You have purpose in your design. 

Discover how you are “wired” for destiny and learn to become effective in the pursuit of fulfilling your life’s grand design.  Complete your purpose in this generation…for eternal rewards.

  • The 7 Pillars of Wisdom
  • Put your dream to the test


Module V: Living the Supernatural Life

This module takes us into the deeper truths of the Spirit Life.  How does this all end?  Can I actually live a supernatural life every day?  Can I see God and have intimate experiences with Him during my life on earth, if so…how?  How do I become a prayer warrior who will “bring Heaven to earth” and engage in the battle over my nation and the nations of the earth?

  • Understanding Eschatology
  • Being The Ekklesia
  • Rainbow GOD


Module VI: Kingdom Economics

God’s children are heirs to the covenant of Abraham – Provision in Christ, but in reality many live a life of poverty, debt, lack and defeat when it comes to their finances.  Jesus became a curse, to break the curse, He became poor so that you could prosper and experience His wealth during your life-time.  In this module, learn the principles of Kingdom Finance and Economics and discover the blessing of the Covenant for financial freedom!

  • Kingdom Principles for Financial Prosperity


Module VII. “Give Me My Mountain” – Strategic Deployment

In this module, you will be engaged and commissioned to just “DO IT”…live your dream, and manifest the Word:  “Those who know their God shall do mighty exploits”!  Go and apply what you have learned, plunder the Kingdom of darkness and advance the Kingdom of Heaven…NOW in your generation, and leave a legacy that will last FOREVER!

  • Deployment Strategies



SKF has been established to help people to know God and understand His Kingdom in light of His Word, so they can discover their divine call and their unique expression in God’s Purpose for their lives. Destined to be a Change Agent!

We offer Practical Equipping for Kingdom Impact in the 7 spheres that influence culture!

SSM is committed to the truth that God loves people, gave Himself for them and has given His Church supernatural power to bring individuals and nations into wholeness. The Kingdom of God is not a matter of Talk...but of Power!